Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Structural elements and conceptual principles of design

Visually demonstrate an understanding of the structural elements and conceptual principles of design.

Assignment: (use the defined picture plane)
Use line, shape and value as elements to construct a design. A sense of weight or balance should be evident as well as a defined compositional model. Utilize a formal (symmetrical) or an informal (asymmetrical) compositional model to achieve the desired look of the arrangement.

Skills Assessment Criteria:
Each category demonstrated is worth 20 points
Use of Line:
Is the line expressive and create movement, does it establish form and value
Is the shape organic or geometric, does it help establish the illusion of depth, does the shape advance the composition
Does the use of value establish separation of elements, is contrast used as a visual device to define form and create spatial illusion
Is visual weight established by placement of objects and is there a sense of balance within the composition
Does the proportion or scale of the elements help create an illusion of depth, do the elements relate to one another as a result of proportion, is the use of proportion evident in creating a striking picture

Written statement:
Describe the arrangement of elements, compositional model and thought process used to complete the finished design. (typed) at least 200 words

Sizecreate an 8 x 10 defined picture plane on an 8.5 x 11 inch page

Due: (for a grade)
Monday February 3 at 9 am

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