Friday, February 14, 2014

Cover design (updated 3/3)

Your assignment is to create a cover design for Rolling Stone the magazine.

Choose a cultural theme listed below or suggest one for approval:
School Violence
Gun Control
State of Education
State of the Economy

What's required:
A lede photo or illustration as the centerpiece of the cover.  The lede element could be a studio generated or a photo illustration or created as a traditional illustration.

Create and include a lede headline and several other tease elements found on a standard cover.

Include the Rolling Stone masthead.

You should demonstrate a command of typography-

The concept and visual(s) need to be cohesive and feel unified.

The cover should have Impact and Interest and grab the demographic.

Research Rolling Stone covers.
Research the demographic.

Work in the proportional size of the page. The final is actual size.

What's due:
Ten solid thumbnails due Monday, March 3, at 9 am for a grade
Revise next class

Comprehensive due March 10 for a crit. and grade (displayed on screen)

Final- March 17

Mounted on black foam board
with two inches above, on both sides and 2 1/2 inches below the page

Information on buying habits

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