Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Greeting Card

Create a four panel greeting card.

The specifications:
Use Picas as a measuring system
Create a one pica gutter on your template which you'll score and fold after the card is completed and printed
Select a humorous theme, a joke or an adage to use as the source of the content.
You have a lot of creative control here, make sure the design is accurate to the content you've selected.
Create a two color iconic logo that identifies you as the card maker, it should be located on the back of the card.

Pitfalls to avoid:
Readability issues for both the card design and logo
Be aware of the gutter and the live area of the card
Sloppy cutting, scoring and folding

What's due:
Comprehensive: April 9 at the end of class
Final: April 23 at the beginning of class

Print the card on card stock
Score or crease the card
Fold it

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