Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Assignment: Create a poster to promote a smoke free campus

Your assignment is to create a poster to promote a smoke free campus.

American Cancer Society and BCC

18 x 24

Digital and color

Content of the poster should include:
Headline that refers to and includes Broome Community College
Visual: photo illustration
A documented fact from the American Cancer Society,

Required: (typed)
A production schedule, including time needed to create the illustration, name of printer, delivery and pick up of printer poster.

Flush mounted on Blk foam board

Use the aspects of the content to create and communicate a unified message.

Deadlines: (updated)
Thumbs: ten solid ideas, (in proportion to the final size) 10 03
Production sched.: 10 03 for a grade
Full size comp. : 10 17 for a grade
Final: 10 24

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